Most puppies are wonderful and very sweet and cuddly.  However unless you have a pup staying
at your home you probably have no idea of the work involved in caring for one.  Are you ready to
have a puppy?   Do you have the time and energy necessary to devote to a dog for the next ten to
fifteen  years?  Have you researched condo or a home with no yard.   A small dog would not do
well with a person who wanted a dog to jog with three  miles a day.  A Cavalier King Charles
Spaniel would do poorly in a home where the family  leaves in early morning and does not return
until the evening.  These dogs live for human companionship.   Before getting a dog please ask
yourself if you are ready to take care of this dog every day for the rest of his life.    Can you afford
to pay for any necessary veterinary  costs or grooming?  Will you have the time to notice if and
when your dog needs to see the vet or the groomer?

So you have chosen a breed and decided to purchase a puppy.  What is next?  You want to find a
quality healthy puppy who is well-socialized and has a personality suited to your home and
lifestyle.  You do not want to buy a puppy from a puppy mill, a puppy broker or a pet store.  Many
puppy mills and puppy brokers advertise that their pups are home or family raised.  In fact most
advertisements and web sites claim this.  Look closer at the web site and ask questions?  How
many litters a year do these people have?  Do they breed more than one breed of dog?   Where
are the pups raised?  In a garage?  In a shed?  In the home with lots of interaction with people?  
As the pup is growing up is it held every day and kept clean and warm?  What stimulation do the
pups get?  Music?  Different sounds?  Is the mother dog well cared for and given quality food?  

I have one litter at a time and so far one litter a year and to do it right I spend the majority of my
time caring for the pups and the mother.  Another large amount of time is spent talking to
prospective new owners to make sure that they will be suitable homes for my pups.    If desired, I
can provide a potential puppy buyer with references from my past satisfied puppy buyers.  I
frequently receive  email's stating how happy they have been with the puppies that they purchased
from me.  If I do not have a puppy available,  I would be happy to put you on my waiting list.    If you
do not want to wait,  I usually will be able to refer you  to other good puppy breeders.  Hope this
advice will help you with the search for your new little companion.  

If you are interested in getting a Dory Lane Cavalier please go to our Puppy
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